Welding and Mechatronics Institute

Teaching, Research and Development in Welding Technology:
processes, procedures, equipments and instrumentation.
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The LABSOLDA - Welding Laboratory of the Mechanical Engineering course of UFSC has more than 30 years of history within the University.

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Tartílope V4 National technology for robotic welding in the Oil and Gas sector.

Tartílope V4 - LABSOLDA´s project in collaboration with the IMC and SPS is exposed in the Rio Oil and Gas 2008 Conference and Expo. Read more
The LABSOLDA was recognized by several national and international institutions on several projects and products throughout its history. Read more


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Tartílope V2 Semi-automatic TIG System Larry Flex  
Two axis (x and y) welding torch automatic displacement system, which permits the execution of welds and cuts in any position.
TIG Automatic Wire Feeding with Adaptive Control.
Transistorized welding source with the technology of switching in the primary transformer, popularly known as INVERTER.  

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