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LABSOLDA’s partner company is awarded with the 3rd Place in the Stemmer Innovation Award
June 2011

The Stemmer Innovation Award seeks to recognize efforts of institutions, companies and people who stood out with contributions to innovations in processes, products and services conducted between 2008 and 2010, with a significant impact on the economy and social and environmental development of Santa Catarina. The ceremony of the 2nd edition of the award took place on June 22nd in Florianopolis and was promoted by the FAPESC and Government of the State of Santa Catarina.
The SPS – Soluções para Soldagem LTDA was awarded with the 3rd place in the category Innovative Micro and Small Enterprise, for the development of a Robotic Manipulator for Welding Processes.

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Participation of the LABSOLDA at the I IIW European-South American School of Welding and Correlated Processes
May 2011

Prof. Jair Carlos Dutra, General Supervisor and Dr. Eng. Regis Silva, Director of P&D of the LABSOLDA took part in the I IIW European-South American School of Welding and Correlated Processes in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, from 18th  to 20th Mat, 2011. The conference aimed at the integration of European and South Americans research groups in Welding Technology, the identification of related lines of work and exploration of collaborations. Dr. Eng. Regis Silva made the presentationil "Innovations in Arc Welding Processes and Equipment", in which he discussed current developments implemented in LABSOLDA. New contacts were established, and already set institutional relationships have been strengthened.

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In partnership with Fronius, the LABSOLDA provided training for the use of  CMT(Cold Metal Transfer) technology
Feb. 2011

On Feb. 3rd, Mr. Franz Burzler, from the welding technology division of the company Fronius, gave a training in the LABSOLDA for the use of CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) technology, a short-circuiting MIG/MAG process that established new standards in welding technology with its control features.

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LABSOLDA members receive training to operate new integrated robotic cell
Jan. 2011

From 17th  to 21st January, LABSOLDA members received training to program a new integrated robotic cell installed in the premises of the laboratory. The new set of equipments consists of an anthropomorphic robot MOTOMAN HP20D, a rotary table and a Fonius welding system CMT. These equipments can also work in sync with the robotic unit that already exists in the laboratory, thus expanding the possibilities for development of complex projects with a high degree of automation.

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LABSOLDA technology is successfully applied in the Jorge Lacerda Thermoelectric Complex.
Jan. 2011

In partnership with Tractebel Energy, the LABSOLDA is developing a Four Degrees of Freedom Robotic System for the Coating and Manufacturing of Welded Boilers Tube and Associated Welding Technologies. Among the activities planned for the project are tests and field applications of these new technologies. The most recent, successfuly automated field application of coatings occurred between 19th  and 21st  January in the boiler number seven of the Jorge Lacerda Thermoelectric Complex in Capivari de Baixo – State of Santa Catarina.

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LABSOLDA is highlighted in the publication regarding the 50 year Anniversary of UFSC.
Sept. 2010

The Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and the Diário Catarinense (DC) publish together the Vestibular Notebook (Caderno do Vestibular), which can be accessed online in the newspaper website.

One of the issues was commemorative for the 50 years of UFSC’s history and presented an overview of research activities in laboratories and their extension activities (social inclusion). p. 24.

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